Wednesday, January 30, 2013

human beard distro

distro has been updated as of 6/9//2013. if you are interested in purchasing anything please email

thank you



lost appeal/deceiver
wet dream asphyxiation/deceiver
swallowing bile/(<0>)
weed thief-S/T
milorganaut- S/T
mindset-KNLDG(hip hop)
foiled-piss shank
water torture/dirt eyes
water torture/cavernous sore


running for cover- $5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Botfly- Enemies Of The World
Axebomber- Fall 2011 Demo
Spellbook- ST
No Truce- Demo
Little sister- Reprecussions
Special Buddy Discount/Black bridge-split
Flies-demo collection
MDFL- esoteric assault
nothing is over-winter


water torture-the developer remixes
jaws of life/deceiver
orange annihilator/6ix6ix6ixties-pearl city necklace
Crowhurst- GrimGrimGrim
pregnant spore/wormhead
Foresight- Quantum Suicide
Dilloway/Lescalleet- Grapes and Snakes
Regosphere- Like Surgical Steel
Regosphere- Gutter Swarm
Micheal James- Funeral Home Heart
Dementia and hope trails- Ethereal Hurt
Wince- Nerves
Inbreeder- Fragile Balence
Inbreeder- Doom Drunk
Inbreeder- Rotten Culture
VOB/ Inbreeder
Hheva- Desolate
Strange Brew- Illuminated
Milton with Outmode- Fog of Life
The Man From Beyond- The Baddest One-Chick Hit Suard That Ever Rolled Into Town
 Redglaer- Petals and Sears
White Reeves-Ultimate Pleasure Til Death
RJ Myato- When I Work I Am Nobody
RJ Myato- The Ship Of The Sea And The Horse of The Mountain
Death to The Rhythm Bandit-ST
Death Patterns-ST
Squid Fist- Glass On My Leather
Fear Konstruktor/ Derektro
Fossils- MJC381
Partly Zombish- August Cake And The Cardboard Sessions
Chapels- That Incorrigible Death's- Head
Charlie Turner- Incomplete Tape II

7IN-$4 unless marked
totes brute- 1st 7in
sounds like shit-once upon the
no mans slave/i resign
realicide/half gorilla
egg hunt
devoid of faith/seized (gloom records #1)
tools of the trade/CTK
project grizzly-ebay apocalypse
drunken orgy of destruction-tam tams revenge
ass-end offend-welcome to the discomfort zone
Kruds/ Rampant Decay
Gorgonized Dorks/New York Against The Betzebu
Hated Principles/Gorgonized Dorks- A Noise War Split EP
sender receiver-  plague notes
hungry lungs-st
Archagathus/bestial vomit
THC/ happy birthday
Sidetracked/ gaz-66intrusion
Water torture- shellfire 7in
Water torture/corrupt bastards one sided 7in
Water torture/suffering mind one sided flexi
Water torture/sea of shit


Mustache Mincers comp(Paucities,misanthropic noise,archagathus,cogs and sprokets, thc,ustat,smg,pizzahifive,faction disaster,maximum thrash,powercup,lt. dan)-$7


Fascist Insect & Murderous Visions- Primordial Beings From Dimensions Unknown-$7
Karoshi-Ichi- $5
Failure Face/E.B.S.-$5


Death Season-noise sampler-$1
Special Buddy Discount-darkend minds  $2
Chillum-End Of World(comes with rolling paper) $2
Immaculate: Grotesque- Circles- $4
beard without a mustache-miraculous fatality 3in CD-$3
remlap-thoughtful or empty-$2
daku(this is bryan lewis saunders and z'ev)-$3
Lost Appeal/Larva 3in CDr- $3
orange annihilator-discography-$4
gas money(PTM,skingraft,j.soliday,winters in osaka,koufar)-$5

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 new human beard tapes.

Swallowing Bile/(<O>)

A nice Harsh noise/PE  tape from both sides

Deceiver-Die Christmas/In The Shadow

This is an old deciver tape from a few years ago that i only did a few copies of so i did another run of them.
this is the start of when i was getting into doing harsher more HNW stuff. this is some of the only deceiver stuff not up online. i recorded it straight to tape so there is not 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

HB-26 Human Beard 6Way Split Vol II


All 6 bands on this tape are super good noisecore. enjoy the free download.

Don Garnelli on this is:
Will Butler - noise, guitar, bass, vocals
Andres Wade - drums

(<O>) is:
VII Caso

George Moore-Drum Programming,Vocals,Noise
Matt Goodrich-Bass, Noise

Larva is:
Eduardo Carrillo

Sorcerer Torturer is:
Stu Martin

to die on this recording:
indra, aun, yudha matirasa
recorded live at Antrax studio